Appeared in the North Shore News – November 18, 2016 West Vancouver council voted unanimously against it. At least 9,000 people signed a petition damning it. Hostility toward it bristled at three public meetings. So, no surprise, the Woodfibre liquefied natural gas project on beautiful Howe Sound got the thumbs-up, ultimately from the only thumb […]

Appeared in the North Shore News – November 4, 2016 The Old Frenchman said that a man is better revealed by his possessions than by anything he says, or claims to think or believe. So here is a taste of the possessions of the 12 candidates in West Vancouver’s Nov. 19 council byelection – on […]

Appeared in the North Shore News – October 21, 2016 What is WRONG with those people? I was speaking – in very rare CAPITAL LETTERS – of the Americans. But large issues call for large letters. About the U.S. presidential campaign? Good guess. But not so. Nor about the Iraq or Libyan invasions, or waterboarding […]

Appeared in the North Shore News – June 30, 2016 Canada – we’re No. 1! In telecom charges! In bloated credit card interest! In stockbrokerages’ fat fees! In being passed over for NHL franchises by that little New York fink Gary Bettman! Outstanding Canadian man of letters Robertson Davies mused that one is allowed to […]

Appeared in the North Shore News – June 17, 2016 West Vancouver councillors unanimously approved a waterfront plan Monday that had more holes in it than the Titanic. Final score: Politicians and Financially Bulletproof Bureaucrats 5, Lesser Mortals and Present Businesses 0. Schizophrenically, the five –  Coun. Michael Lewis absent –  rhapsodized over green space. […]

Appeared in the North Shore News – June 3, 2016 You may have heard – or bellowed yourself – something like: ‘‘By Jing, that moron Coun. Thimblehooper! I’ll never vote for that idiot again!’’ The Thimblehooper moment has come in West Vancouver. Because only a council of Thimblehoopers could consider for one New York minute […]

Appeared in the North Shore News – May 20, 2016 It’s the classic solution looking for a problem. There is nothing wrong with Ambleside beach that West Vancouver town hall can’t screw up, permanently, irrevocably – starting with the core surrender of delightful Argyle Avenue to the Spirit Trail bicycle lobby and its enablers. To […]

Appeared in the North Shore News – May 6, 2016 Hey, let’s have some benefit to show for West Van’s fat 6.87 per cent property tax rise. First, restore the trash cans – why were they removed? – at each littered end of the 5400-block Marine Drive. Sure, that’s my block, and why not exploit […]