Appeared in the North Shore News – April 22, 2016 Who governs Canada? Why, the Queen, of course. Except she doesn’t. All those references to “the Crown” owning this or that, and prosecuting alleged lawbreakers (and, to her indignation about the impertinence, routinely taken to court herself) etc., which amuse visitors from the great republic […]

Appeared in the North Shore News – April 7, 2016 Stunning blow to West Vancouver town hall’s Ambleside-Dundarave renewal vision (or fantasy): The Avant Gardener in the core 1400-block Marine Drive is shutting down. After 28 years owner Darlene Sanders is holding a 30-per-cent-off closing-out sale and — romantically — is bound for new life […]

Appeared in the North Shore News – March 24, 2016 It’s asking a lot, but suspend your fascination with West Vancouver politics. Go light of foot and heart to La Cucina, where the food and the unforced atmosphere of an intimate European restaurant are draws enough, its regulars confiding its lure only to reliable friends […]

Appeared in the North Shore News – March 11, 2016 You’d think the local member of Parliament would have an opinion on the Woodfibre LNG project, wouldn’t you? Or am I being naïve again? I’ve sent several unsuccessful emails to Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, our woman in Ottawa as MP for West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country, […]

Appeared in the North Shore News – February 26, 2016 I interrupt a half-written diatribe on the West Vancouver waterfront for a different diatribe. Here are three money-spinning strategies for West Vancouver revival. Sure to alienate some faithful readers, all seven of them. And free. If I had a lot of professional initials after my […]

Appeared in the North Shore News – February 12, 2016 Who didn’t know that Vancouver real estate prices are outrageous – even possibly inciting future civil violence by young generations shut out of ever owning a home in the city of their birth? What’s new – what’s news, thanks to a print reporter who proved […]

Appeared in the North Shore News – January 29, 2016 Ignore terrorism in Vancouver – exploding home prices. Forget the media watch on Justin Trudeau’s fading honeymoon. Pass by Wall Street to Your Street, where real people, even most on-shore West Vancouverites, live. I stopped dead at a store’s scrawled sign: Cauliflower 2/$4. Surely a […]

Appeared in the North Shore News – January 15, 2016 Amy Baird grew up going to the Hollyburn Sailing Club every summer. Her mother, Anne, was its first woman commodore. “As a young girl I was so proud of her. Still am,” Amy says. The club was “a great way to meet new kids and […]